NGXPlay – Add any app to Apple CarPlay

NGXPlay - the game-changing tweak to customize and enable adding any app to Apple CarPlay. You can easily bring the iPhone experience to your car and make your driving experience even more enjoyable.  

Ever wanted to use non-default third-party apps such as YouTube, Netflix, and Facebook? Look no further – NGXPlay is the best CarPlay tweak you've been searching for. Let’s explore more about this awesome tweak.  

If you're keen to install NGXPlay, you can follow the NGXPlay Installation Steps below or tap the button below to Install NGXPlay via the Installer

What is NGXPlay? 

NGXPlay tweak allows you to run any non-default apps on Apple CarPlay. The best part! True the NGXPlay makes it possible right from your car’s dashboard to listen to music, watch videos, or check your social media. Yeah! Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime all working on your in-car dashboard with NGXPlay.  

What makes NGXPlay more popular?

  • Open any app on CarPlay 
  • Enjoy your favourite apps on your car’s screen just like they appear on your iPhone 
  • Use your apps freely without any limits 
  • Switch between different apps on your phone and in your car 
  • Control and view your phone directly from your car’s touchscreen without needing to pick up your phone 
  • Customize your CarPlay experience by hiding more apps 
  • 100% free 

What other cool things can you do with NGXPlay? 

True the NGXPlay is the best tweaks for you to enjoy your favourite app. Bridge any app from your iPhone to your in-car entertainment system.  

  • Watch YouTube on CarPlay 
  • Watch Netflix on CarPlay 
  • Use Facebook on CarPlay 
  • Play games on CarPlay 

NGXPlay History and Alternatives

Tool Name Description Source
Original NGXPlay Supports iOS 8, iOS 9 & iOS 10 Cydia (
NGXPlay11 Supports iOS 11 and iOS 12 Cydia (
Carbridge Legacy iOS 10 - iOS 12 Havoc Repo
Carbridge iOS 13 - iOS 16.7.6 [Jailbreak Required] Havoc Repo
CarplayEnable iOS 14+ Cydia (
Carplay Cast iOS 14+
Carplay Hide Labels - Havoc Repo
No Carplay Splash - Havoc Repo
Canvas iOS 13 - iOS 15.8.1 Havoc Repo
Lynx iOS 12 - iOS 13.7 Havoc Repo

How to get NGXPlay on your iPhone? 

01. Using NGXPlay Installer [Easy Method

02. By Jailbreaking your iPhone 

Install NGXPlay IPA with NGXPlay Installer (works with any iOS version)  

To install NGXPlay, you need to jailbreak your iPhone. Many car users struggle with jailbreaking their devices and downloading NGXPlay. NGXPlay installer made this process easier. This incredible app offers a convenient and safe way to download NGXPlay. Exited! You can run any app on CarPlay without limitation.  

Try this awesome Tweak and enhance your CarPlay experience now.  

By Jailbreaking your iPhone – Cydia for Downloading NGXPlay  

Another method to install NGXPlay using Cydia, which also requires jailbreaking your iPhone. After jailbreaking your iPhone with a compatible jailbreak tool, you can download the Cydia app and add the BigBoss repository. Then, you can easily download NGXPlay from Cydia.  

BigBoss URL - 

Download the NGXPlay IPA  

First, you need to download the latest version of the IPA file from the official NGXPlay Github page. Then, you need to install using Cydia on your device with BigBoss repo. Follow the step-by-step guide for downloading NGXPlay.ipa and install using IPA installer - Cydia.  

Step 01: Open Cydia App 

Step 02: Go to Sources Tab 

Step 03: Then go to Source > Edit > Add > Insert URL ( > Tap Done 

Step 04: Bigboss repo will be refreshed after the several minutes 

Step 05: Search for NGXPlay in the search bar and tap on the Install button 

Step 06: Congratulations! You have downloaded the NGXPlay on your device 

NGXPlay for Android   

Screen2Auto is an Android app that allows you to add non-default Android Auto Apps to your Android Auto. You can use the latest updated version of Android Auto in your car using this entertainment app. So, you are able to access all the apps of Android Smart Phone on there. It can be recommended as the best app that offers NGXPlay for Android.  

This app provides facilities for rooted devices only. If you have a non-rooted device, you have an alternative solution for that. AAAD App is the best alternative solution for Screen2Auto No Root Devices which creates an emulator on your device.  

Visit for more details 

How to add any app to Apple CarPlay? 

NGXPlay is one of the best methods to add any app to Apple CarPlay. Not only NGXPlay CarPlay, but also, you can use other NGXPlay Alternative solutions to enjoy CarPlay experience with non-default third-party apps. Especially, if you’re searching to download NGXPlay iOS 17, you can go with NGXPlay Alternatives. Also, there’re alternative methods for those who prefer not to jailbreak their iPhones. 

Watch YouTube on CarPlay 

What if you already have Apple CarPlay, but you would like to have the option to watch YouTube videos when taking a break on a long drive? For safety reasons, it isn’t possible to watch YouTube on CarPlay by default. However, you can watch any video content from your car's dashboard with the help of NGXPlay.  

Watch Netflix on CarPlay 

There isn’t any native Netflix to CarPlay feature. Especially, if you have an older iPhone version, there’s a way to watch Netflix videos on Apple CarPlay with NGXPlay Tweak.  

Use Facebook on CarPlay 

You may already know that Facebook App isn’t available for CarPlay by default. Don’t worry! You can use your Facebook app on CarPlay with NGXPlay. 

Play games on CarPlay

If you want to play video games while not driving, you can mirror any videos games to Apple CarPlay now. However, you can play voice-controlled games with CarPlay by default, but it’ll be risky.  

Another interesting thing is you can use any non-default Apple CarPlay apps like Amazon Prime Video, Messenger, Instagram, and more.  

Step by Step guide for downloading NGXPlay  

Step 01: Check device compatibility with NGXPlay Installer 

Step 02: Follow instructions to jailbreak your device 

Step 03: Install NGXPlay and enjoy your favourite apps 


Step 01: Jailbreak your device with Cydia 

Step 02: Add BigBoss repository (URL: in Cydia. 

Step 03: Search for NGXPlay and install it 

Step 04: Enjoy your third-party apps. That’s it.  

How to use NGXPlay app? 

You can only run compatible apps on your in-car dashboard by default. Most of the video streaming apps are incompatible with carPlay. That’s why NGXPlay comes in. 

Once NGXPlay is installed, navigate to your device's Settings to access NGXPlay's customization options.  

Here's how to use it:

Step 01: Enable or Disable NGXPlay 

Step 02: Adjust Frames per Second 

Step 03: Select Applications for Apple CarPlay 

Finally, you can choose any apps which you want to integrate with Apple CarPlay. Simply tap the "+" button to add your desired apps.   

NGXPlay-compatible iOS versions 

Original NGXPlay - iOS 8 / iOS 9 / iOS 10 

NGXPlay11 - iOS 11 / iOS 12 

NGXPlay iOS 17 – iOS 14  

If you’re willing to download NGXPlay iOS 17 – iOS 14 with jailbreak tool. You can find the following jailbreak tools for your device.  

Checkra1n - iOS 14 / iOS 14.8.1 

Palera1n – iOS 15 / iOS 16 

Palera1n jailbreak tool – iOS 17 

Check our latest article on How to Install NGXPlay on iOS 17?

Are there any NGXPlay Alternatives (Similar Apps)? 

There’re a few alternatives to the NGXPlay App such as Carbridge, CarPlayEnable, CarPlay Cast and more.  

Carbridge Legacy [jailbreak Required] 

IOS compatibility – iOS 10 – iOS 12 

If you have an older version of iOS, this older version of Carbridge is for you. You can have two apps at once one is your phone and one is your car. It allows you to bridge full iPhone apps on Apple CarPlay.  

Carbridge [Jailbreak Required])  

iOS compatibility – iOS 13 – iOS 16. 7.6 

You can open any app on Apple CarPlay up to iOS 16 with this incredible app. Carbridge app is a new version of CarBridge Legacy app. It is completely rewriting version of original Carbridge app.  


iOS compatibility – iOS 14+ 

With CarPlayEnable, you can use any app with CarPlay. It supports video and audio playback only for iOS 14. But it doesn’t support DRM content such as Hulu, Netflix, etc. Additionally, it supports running multiple apps at the same time.  

CarPlay Cast 

iOS compatibility – iOS 14+ 

You can easily mirror car screen to iPhone to car screen with CarPlay Cast iOS. Are you an iOS 14+ user, you can bring the most important apps of your iPhone and puts them on your car’s infotainment system using this.  

FAQs about NGXPlay  

What is NGXPlay? 

NGXPlay is one of the best CarPlay Tweaks for jailbroken iPhone. It allows you to add any app to Apple CarPlay.  

How do I watch Netflix on CarPlay? 

After installing NGXPlay app and jailbreaking your devices, you’ll be able to watch Netflix on CarPlay. Be sure to install NGXPlay to your phone first.  

What iOS versions are compatible with NGXPlay?  

Original NGXPlay Supports for iOS 8, iOS 9 and iOS 10 

NGXPlay11 Supports for iOS 11 and iOS 12 

Is NGXPlay free? 

The simple answer is yes. You can download NGXPlay in the Bigboss repo in cydia for free. 

How to find NGXPlay.ipa? 

NGXPlay.ipa is available to download with Cydia in the BigBoss repo.  

What are the best alternatives to NGXPlay? 

WheelPal, CarBridge, and CarPlayEnable are the best NGXPlay alternatives.  

NGXPlay is possible without a jailbreak?  

You need to jailbreak your devices to install NGXPlay.ipa. 

Is NGXPlay compatible with iOS 15 / iOS 16 / iOS 17? 

NGXPlay is only compatible with up to iOS 12. So that you’ll have to wait till the jailbreak tool release for latest iOS version.  

How do I watch YouTube on CarPlay iOS 17 with NGXPlay?  

You’re unable to watch YouTube on CarPlay iOS 17 yet. But it will be available with NGXPlay soon.  

How do I get NGXPlay Android Auto?  

If you’re an Android user and Android Auto lover, you’re probably seeking a method to enjoy YouTube, Netflix and FaceBook. Then, you can download InCar App that act as NGXPlay for Android.